LaTanya Settles

LaTanya M. Settles, passionate and elated about life and helping others create a lifestyle change, she began to embrace fitness about 12 years ago…to be real 60lbs ago. Her journey led her to embrace fitness and she became an extreme motivator, fitness coach-personal trainer and group fitness instructor, her mission is to help all women push to reach the Next level of their fitness journey.

In her determination to lose weight, but not understanding the movement she was about to venture into, she began her journey to lose weight. She knew she had to make some life-changing decisions. She was losing herself and was tired of being a spectator. A friend who had lost over 80 pounds took her under her wing to train consistently 5 miles a day, 5 days a week, helping to change her life forever.

Her zealousness to lose weight was so infectious that she never looked back. Her body was changing, which was her ultimate mission and she found a new goal to participate in. At her 1st Figure BodyBuilding competition, she took 5th place! One of her goals is to attain her Pro card as a NPC Figure Competitor. She attained a Certified Personal Fitness certification thru Hondros College and ISSA in order to help women find their way back to themselves and attain/sustain/maintain a better quality of life through fitness.

LaTanya resides in Columbus, Ohio with her husband and daughters. When she is not assisting people in their journey to get fit and healthy, she focuses on her goal to become a professional figure competitor and she loves to travel. LaTanya shares through her life experiences that she has learned to beFearless, beFierce, beFocused.